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We understand the importance of trust and professionalism in dealing with sensitive issues related to Family Business. Therefore, we offer a deep comprehensive advice in order to provide the best tools for projecting the family business over time in a successful and growing manner. We provide a service that allows us to diagnose, plan and organize the business family in order to advise on the processes that make up the planning of the family and commercial heritage, covering inheritance rights, corporate structures and tax matters. Salomoni and Associates are able to help families plan for the future and preserve the protection of their assets. Our Family Business and Planning services include:

  • Constitution of societies, holding companies and foundations.
  • Planning of succession processes.
  • Equity valuation.
  • Testamentary process.
  • Elaboration of statutes.
  • Extra-statutory agreements.
  • Legal aspects of family protocols.
  • Advice and execution of the processes of acquisition or sale of Family Companies
  • Family counseling.
  • Change management in the organization.
  • Board of Directors.
  • Integration of family and business strategy with the professionalization process.
  • Assistance in the succession of family businesses.
  • Advice on different administrative schemes for family businesses.
  • Advice on the division / distribution of family assets.
  • Preparation of inventories.
  • Preparation of wills.
  • Advice on the rules on intestate succession.
  • Succession litigation.
  • Advice on divorce and other issues related to Family Law.


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