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Our advisory and representation services cover both the domestic and international spectrum in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. The Litigation and Arbitration team represents individuals who resolve corporate disagreements, companies that resolve strategic disputes, contractors with the state faced with disputes to preserve rights or concessions, companies that fight for their growth, and corporations that disrupt for large sums. We solve complex controversies in legal, civil, commercial, criminal, labor and tax cases such as:

  • Damages and losses for liability.
  • Jurisdiction conflicts between international and national courts.
  • Foreign judgments execution  and arbitration awards in Paraguay.
  • Representation of national and international clients in civil, commercial, labor, criminal and family court proceedings
  • Representation of national and international clients in administrative, tax and environmental procedures.
  • Representation of national and international clients in judicial proceedings related to intellectual and industrial property.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
  • Participation in international and national arbitrations, arbitrators, party lawyers or experts.
  • Arising disputes in the field of international sales and international commercial arbitration.
  • Pre-judicial.
  • Extra-judicial procedures and measures to prevent legal action. Precautionary measures.
  • Embargo of real estate, personal property and boats.
  • Taking possession of assets.
  • Non-innovate measures.
  • Court injunctions and restraining orders.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Negotiation and mediation.
  • Commercial and investment arbitration.
  • Representation before the Paraguayan judicial system in the following areas:
  • Civil and commercial.
  • Contractual and extra-contractual.
  • Commodities and futures contracts.
  • Foreign commerce.
  • Distribution, agency, representation, franchising and licensing.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Consumer relations.
  • Regulatory / administrative issues.
  • Debts collection
  • Execution of Foreign judgments and arbitration awards in Paraguay.
  • Legal Opinions regarding the application of the Paraguayan law in proceedings of background.
  • Due diligence reports on ongoing litigation and possible contingency areas.


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