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Our team is aware that the use of the technologies in the communications is progressing more and more every day and is in constant development. Thus, we cover all the needs and expectations of new generation clients and we assist clients with technology towards new business techniques. We provide legal services to telecommunications, broadcast and media companies on a broad range of issues, including:

  • Telecommunications and broadcasting regulatory matters.
  • Satellite and interconnection services.
  • Transactions of media businesses, broadcasting and telecommunications.
  • Electronic Commerce and online services
  • Digital signature.
  • Application and Registration of Domains (websites)
  • Software development, licensing and support agreements.
  • Regulatory affairs related to telecommunications, broadcasting and the media, with communications by means of voice, data and video, fixed and mobile telephony, satellite telephony and data broadcasting services and others.
  • Licenses for telecommunications and broadcasting services.
  • Mobile telephony.
  • Infrastructure agreements.
  • Manufacture and sale of radio and television programs.
  • Writing and negotiation of programming, content, distribution, licensing and networks.
  • Licenses, copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the field of the media


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